As a non-professional citizen athlete, it may seem odd to have sponsors. The stories I write come from an unexpected place, too. After all, I'm a woman who decided in her mid-40s to start racing bikes, and I set my sights on one of the hardest mountain bike races out there.

It turns out that training and racing are even more expensive than riding for pleasure. My bike collection has grown, and so has all the maintenance and parts required to keep them in tip-top shape. I now spend money on race fees, travel, coaching, and even more gear because riding through the winter is absolutely necessary for my progress. I do all this while running a business, creating videos and websites, and selling art to pay the bills. For these reasons, I need all the help I can get!

Blackwater Bikes

A pillar in the Davis community, Blackwater Bikes is more than the local bike shop. The folks there know what it means to ride in these mountains and what it takes to race.

Blackwater Bikes is a must-see when you come to Davis, WV! Visit blackwaterbikes.com to learn about rentals, service, and sales!

I bought my first of many mountain bikes from BWB back in 2006. But it's more than a place to buy gear and get your bike fixed. It's a place to hang out before and after rides, celebrate the Canaan MTB Festival, a home for the Blackwater Bicycle Association, the meeting place for trail work, and simply a place to feel at home. It is with great pride that I sport Blackwater Bikes kit whenever possible, and I'm extremely grateful for their support in keeping my bikes rolling!